October 25, 2016
Project Tonka - Rear Fender Mount

Things have been progressing pretty well. With thecomplete I finished up with the rear fender mount over the last weekend.

Things have been progressing pretty well. With the fibreglassing of the fender complete I finished up with the rear fender mount over the last weekend. I wanted to make this a single sided affair as on the right side of the bike I wanted the exhaust to be the hero and I felt having a support bracket to the rear fender would have spoilt that.

I made this out of 12mm round bar with 18mm slugs to connect them. This took a little time to get it right with a proper roller but I managed to bend the bar well enough using just a simple jig and a blowtorch.

I then created some bungs to mount the fender. I had tapped 3 of them but snapped the tap inside one of them and took me the rest of the day to remove it.

I then reinforced the two supports with some steel sheet to stop lateral movement while riding.

Hoping to get the seat glassed this week so I can finally disassemble everything.


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