September 7, 2013

Buildboard Release 1.1.9

Buildboard Update-----------------We're excited to announce the release of version of 1.1.

Buildboard Release 1.1.9

Buildboard Update

We're excited to announce the release of version of 1.1.9 of Buildboard. We've worked hard to add new features that will help you with keeping track of your current and future projects.

Along with the new features we've also fixed a number of bugs along the way.   Like tuning a carb there maybe a few small niggles so if you do find one feel free to let us know.

What's NEW?

  • Timesheets - Buildboard is great for keeping track of expenses but how do we quantify the blood sweat and tears that goes into a build? They say time is money.. now there is a way to not only keep track of your tasks and items, but also your precious hours. Unlike Cher it won't turn back time, however the Timesheet module allows you to log your time against your build items. You're now able to track down where that weekend disappeared to inside the vortex that is your garage.

  • Build Item Images and Price Lookup - We know that the last thing you want to spend time doing is entering in build prices and description of build items that already exist on the inter webs (see feature 1). What we've done is let you paste the link to a product and we'll try our best to find out the info that you need to enter.

  • Build Following - Fancy someone else's build, but too busy to ask them about it? We've now added the "Follow" feature that lets you stalk the build and see updates from your Dashboard. Simply click on the star of a public build.

  • Build VideosEarlier this year Instagram announced the support for video. We've now taken this into account and are now supporting video directly from Instagram. So why stop at photos of your build when you can now do video.

Many thanks to those that have sent us emails and feedback along the way. It's been great to see so many people passionate about their builds. We'll keep continuing to improve Buildboard and it's features along the way with some new ideas already in the

And remember if you want other builders to check out your build simply change your builds privacy setting to "Public". Don't worry you have the option of hiding your financials from the public view.

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