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Custom Buell Cyclone M2 Cyclone Beta MAX

Benny Yee

Finished up this build at the end of the year, with this being my only ride I was pretty happy to finally get it back on the road. Think I'll spend some time riding this around now over summer, with …Beta-MAX named after the Video Cassette player of the same name.

Buell Build - Custom Seat

Benny Yee

The build is nearing completion after getting the seat back from the upholsterers. As always they did a fantastic job, I'm stoked every time I get seats back from them.

Buell Build Progress Update

Benny Yee

Have spent the last 3 months giving the Buell a few modifications. Was really only going to install a new headlight and seat.

Painting the Buell headers

Benny Yee

The Buell front forks were leaking so as a result I had to rebuild them. While I was waiting on a few parts to arrive, I thought I take the opportunity to give the headers a bit of a clean …My camera ran out of battery while I was spray painting them so I had to find a substitute video to show the similar process.

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