November 9, 2017
Buell Build Progress Update

Have spent the last 3 months giving the Buell a few modifications. Was really only going to install a new headlight and seat.

Have spent the last 3 months giving the Buell a few modifications. Was really only going to install a new headlight and seat. But one thing led to another and next thing I've got it's kit off, and I'm asking what have I got myself into.

I had to replace the front disc as it was worn down past it's indicator, originally I wanted to do a front end swap but I couldn't really justify the price at this stage as it would have cost over half the price of the original bike. I settled in getting a new disc and pads up front.

I wanted to reuse most of the parts of the bike so I kept the original dials and relocated the ignition and tach to the sides to have a single dial up front. I installed some tiny LEDS into a fibreglassed dash to act as the warning lights for the oil / indicators / high beam and neutral.

Tiny LEDS into a fibreglassed dash

Reuse of the old dials. Had to replace the blown dash bulbs and extend the wiring
I shortened the tail section by about 3 inches and closed it off with a loop and installed a bobbed fender to hold the tiny LED taillight.

Shorted tail section and fender install

CNC'd mini taillight
I also made a start on the tank paint after a couple of failed attempts which ended up with the paint lifting after being too eager to get things done.

Still have a few things left like the rear licence plate mount and seat upholstery but pretty happy with it so far.


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