September 1, 2011
So a pair of Mirrors walked into a handle bar...

and said to the Bartender"Why the long face?"the Bartender hesitantly replied"I'll spare you the details..

and said to the Bartender

"Why the long face?"

the Bartender hesitantly replied

"I'll spare you the details..... it's a convex situation"

Besides coming up with that fantastic joke we managed to get the Bar Ends on and theOury grips along with the front disc andcaliper. The grips work really well with the tyres, and because the bars are not as wide as standard tracker bars adding the bar ends means we don't need a "wide load coming through" sticker .

Ended up using pit bike brake and clutch controls as the stock yamaha controls were too large. Also they had the mirror stem which we wouldn't be using anymore because of the new mirrors

It's coming together and we will be working on more of the electrics tomorrow. We need to extend the harness as we'll be hiding all the electrics under the seat. Should have it started by the end of the day.


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