November 1, 2011
Legbreaker almost

So now that we've got the seat and the wiring all sorted. It's almost done.

So now that we've got the seat and the wiring all sorted. It's almost done. We just need to make sure every bolt has been tightened and to put the chain on, bleed the brakes, and top up the 2-stroke oil.

Looking forward to getting this little one on the road, will be great fun to ride around the city.


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Tank prepped and ready for paint In between non-bike related work we've managed to keep things ticking over, thanks to bike night our weekly ritual.The progress on the Blossom the SR tracker is coming along nicely with most parts …We also managed to pop out a rather large ding from the Sweet Honda tank by spotting a couple of pieces of my old CD stand, we could probably thank Spotify for that.
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Black is the new black!It was Batman's favourite colour, it's also the colour of night, the time of day of which the most exciting things happen. You don't go to discos during the day do you? Black is also …Who can argue with that?This all black kit comes with all the main componentry to fit out your custom ride in the onlyIt includes:1 x Set of Black Barrel Grips to suit 7/8 bars.
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