May 24, 2013
BuildBoard latest release

Buildboard Update=================We're proud to announce our latest release of BuildBoard.With this release we took all of the feedback we received from the BETA release and tried to accommodate as much as possible in the new functionality.

Buildboard Update

We're proud to announce our latest release of BuildBoard.

With this release we took all of the feedback we received from the BETA release and tried to accommodate as much as possible in the new functionality. We’ve also squashed a few bugs and added a few extra things along the way which will make keeping track of your builds a lot easier.


  • Public Builds - You are now able to set your build to either public or private. Setting your build to public will allow you to share your build with fellow BuildBoard users and to the general public. This is very handy for client builds and keeping them up to date with the progress. Also when a build is public you have the option of allowing people to comment on your build along with showing the financial breakdown or not(financials will never be shown to the general public only to authenticated BuildBoard users).

  • Build Searching - You can now search across the BuildBoard project spectrum to check out what others have been working on. Only public builds will returned as part of the search.
  • Build Sharing - You now have the option of sharing your build across multiple social network platforms, along with the old fashioned eMail. This feature is only available when your build is public.

  • Build Reports - This small but powerful feature will allow you to create simple reports based on your own criteria. Perfect for when heading down to the shop for parts or to hand to your money guy.
  • Sub-Build Items - You now have the ability to add sub items to regular build items. Letting you better structure you build tasks and items.

It's free to use, and registration is easy, simply go to the sign in page and enter your details or use your facebook details to signin.

Click here to register

We wish to say thankyou to those that have been a part of the BETA. Without you guys we wouldn't have been able to release this version

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