White Mini Speedo with warning lights
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White Mini Speedo with warning lights

This mini speedo is what you need if you want a clean minimal look for your dash, it allows you to combine your speedo, tripmeter and dash warning lights into one small display. This has metric display and has LED lights for high-beam, neutral, oil warning light and a combined indicator for left and right. Measuring 60mm in diameter this speedo can be mounted via the supplied bracket to your existing dash or mounted to the frame with a custom bracket. If you're running a smaller battery and worried about the current draw then running LEDS will help with that. If you want something even smaller check out the 48mm equivalent.

  • Gear ratio is 1,400RPM @ 60KPH
  • 60mm Diameter
  • Accepts Mechanical Cable with M12mm thread
  • LED warning lights with LED backlight
$ 69.00 AUD
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