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BuildBoard provides a simple way to keep track of any project, from building a custom motorcycle to a campervan. Now there's no excuse to blow the budget.

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What is Buildboard?


Buildboard is a simple tool used to track spending, estimates and document your build all in once place. You can create multiple build projects ranging from Custom Motorcycles, Campervans, anything really.

Meh Accounting

We all know how important a budget is in times like these, and how the mention of the word accounting sends us to sleep. Create and track every single build item and process from start to finsh. We'll do the work and help you keep your budget and spending on track.

Become a Photojournalist

Upload your build photos to help document your build from start to finish.


Keep track on how long you spend on each particular item.

Get Inspired

Check out other builds to get inspiration for your own. Connect with other builders from around the world.

Help source the parts and services you need to keep your build ticking along.


Buildboard is a project built to help out other makers and builders. Feel free to shoot through any suggestions on how we can make it better as we love hearing feedback.

However if you're interested in joining the team feel free to let us know.

Thanks to everyone for the support so far.