April 12, 2012

Pier 18 - By Hammarhead Industries

What do you get when you take Philadelphia's industrial urban sprawl, a Hammarhead Jack Pine, and someone who knows how to man handle one?Sit back and enjoy Pier 18!Produced by Hammarhead MediaDirected and Edited by Craig Scheihing…Photography by Mike DillowMusic by Truong TaSound by Brad MooreAssistant Camera: Kate Wurzbacher.

Pier 18 - By Hammarhead Industries

What do you get when you take Philadelphia's industrial urban sprawl,a Hammarhead Jack Pine,and someone who knows how to man handle one?

Sit back and enjoy Pier 18!

Produced by Hammarhead Media

Directed and Edited by Craig Scheihing

Riding by Greg Pamart
Photography by Mike Dillow
Music by Truong Ta
Sound by Brad Moore
Assistant Camera: Kate Wurzbacher


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