November 12, 2010

Nice Triumph Bobber

Was looking through thestore and stumbled upon this beauty.This triumph built by  it has a 70 frame and a 71 engine that was completely rebuilt.

Nice Triumph Bobber

Was looking through the lowbrow custom store and stumbled upon this beauty.

This triumphbuilt byTroy Fabricationsit has a 70 frame and a 71 engine that was completely rebuilt. He also has some other fabricated bits and pieces online but mainly for the trumps.


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The Honduki is based on a 1975 GT550. A number of modification were made to the classic 2 stroke including a custom subframe and tail.
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I've built a couple of things out of Bamboo such as a blow dart, and a spear to hunt , but never a tail section for a Custom. This guy built one one strand of bamboo at a time, laminating, …I've no doubt that he won't have a problem with strength as bamboo is the equivalent of natures carbon fibre.
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