July 9, 2021

Cake and El Solitario collaboration

Sparks fly when two disruptors of the motorcycle industry, electric motorcycle company Cake and eclectic motorcycle company El Solitario join forces.

Cake and El Solitario collaboration

As we look into the future there is no doubt that electric motorcycles will be increasingly common on roads around the world. There are a number of factors as to why this hasn’t happened sooner and the uptake of electric motorcycles has been relatively slow, however there have been a few shining lights leading the way. Amongst them is Swedish company Cake, whose mission is to develop high quality, sustainable performance machines.

You may have seen their hero product Kalk splashed across the different media channels, it’s a lightweight, low maintenance, highly sustainable fun machine. Having an electric engine means there are no fumes and from all reports it can be charged from solar energy keeping running costs to a minimum.

Personally I would say that Cake has the best designed electric motorcycle out there on the market. From standstill you could almost pick Its Scandinavian heritage with the minimalist approach and colour-way.

When we take a look at the other partner in the collaboration El Solitario they have always been the outliers in the custom motorcycle scene. Their don’t give a f*ck attitude has both gained them loyal supporters and critics alike. They reached headlines in 2014 after a customisation of a BMW R NineT called “The Imposter”  gained the title of  “most hated motorcycle in the world”.

And when I heard about the collaboration between these two industry disruptors I was immediately excited. The result is named “Commando” and is based around a 2021 Cake Kalk OR.

“Through the use of disruptive pattern material + clean and silent technology El Solitario aims to encourage people to live their dreams and share their passions in the era of prohibition and control.

Of course this isn’t purely stock there have been some noticeable modification to this including:

  • Custom front fender from Husqvarna TC 85
  • Tuned Ölhins Suspension by AndreaniMHS
  • Custom made 19′ front & 18′ rear Excel rims
  • Dunlop Geomax MX 70/100-19 & 100/100-18
  • E.S racoon seat
  • Custom hand paint job by Pau’s Speed Shop.

It’s great to see these types of collaborations and with the eclectic vehicle as the centrepiece. Whether it’s through the stock Scandinavian approach or a wolf in psychedelic clothing it’s only going to help push the electric movement forward. 

All images take from El Solitario website.


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