May 25, 2012

All good things must end

As the proverb goes, All good things must end. In this case it was the sale of one of my most loved possessions, my Kawasaki ZX-6.

All good things must end

As the proverb goes, All good things must end. In this case it was the sale of one of my most lovedpossessions, my Kawasaki ZX-6. Like most love affairs, the attraction was instant. We got to know each other over a couple of test rides and it grew from there. There was no doubting thespark between us, actually there were four of them that never failed to fire.

We spent a lot of time travelling, our favourite place was Healsville and the Black Spur. We would go up there during the week and pass the time watching other riders go past. Flying through theEucalyptusforests with her engine singing in my ear. She loved the winding roads and being leant over so she could feel the ferns brush past her pegs.

We often spoke about travelling the Great Ocean Road together but we never got a chance. I didn't care at the time, as all that mattered was that she was in my garage and I was giving her regular servicing.

She was beautiful,curvaceous, and had attitude especially around the 7000 RPM mark. Things were great!

As time went by we started to drift apart. Work commitments starting taking priority, while she was becoming more and moresensitiveabout the neglected roadworks in Brisbane. I'm not exactly sure what the specific moment was when we decided to part. But what I do know was that it was the right decision.

I knew we'd both be ok, her with her new owner, and me with an old banged up ute.

I will always remember the good times.

All good things must end.

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