April 3, 2023

5 reasons switching to LED Indicators is worth it

Here are five reasons why it might be worth switching to LED indicators, The article discusses the advantages of upgrading to LED indicators for motorcycles. LED indicators are brighter, more durable, energy-efficient, affordable, and customizable compared to the older style bulb indicators.

5 reasons switching to LED Indicators is worth it

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard of LED indicators before, they’ve been installed as a factory default for motorcycles for a long while now. However, if you’re working on an older motorcycle that is sporting the older bulb style, and considering an upgrade here are 5 reasons why it might be worth it. 

1. Brightness

LED indicators use a technology that allows them to create more light with less energy, making them stand out even in broad daylight.

Compared to traditional bulb indicators, LED indicators are significantly brighter and more visible, making them much safer for us motorcycle riders on the road.

This is because LED technology is more efficient at converting electricity into light. Traditional bulbs emit light by heating a filament, which results in a lot of energy being lost as heat. In contrast, LEDs use a semiconductor material that emits light when an electrical current passes through it. This results in much less energy being lost as heat, allowing LED indicators to be much brighter and more visible.

Studies have shown that LED indicators can be up to 10 times brighter than traditional bulb indicators,

2. Durability

LED indicators are seriously durable. Unlike traditional bulb indicators, they don't have any delicate filaments or glass to break. Instead, they're made up of sturdy materials that can handle a beating on the road.

Traditional bulbs are much more fragile and prone to breaking, which can lead to the need to replace bulbs more often than you could be bothered to. LED indicators, on the other hand, can withstand bumps, jolts, and vibrations without missing a beat.

So if you want indicators that can take a hit and keep on shining, LED is the way to go!

3. Energy Efficiency

LED indicators are super energy efficient, which means they use way less power than traditional bulb indicators. This is because LEDs convert electricity directly into the light, while traditional bulbs waste a lot of energy as heat.

When it comes to energy efficiency it’s becoming increasingly important for all types of vehicles, including motorcycles. By using LED indicators, riders can do their part to reduce their energy usage and help protect the environment. Plus, because LED indicators use less power, they're less likely to drain a motorcycle's battery, which can be a major headache for riders (we’ve all been there). So if you want indicators that are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, LED is definitely the way to go!

4. Affordability

Customising a motorcycle isn’t cheap, tanked economy and rising inflation along with the list of ever-increasing build parts.  Things can add up quickly, and before you know it you’re trying to decide whether you need that second kidney after all. The good news is that there is a set of LED indicators for whatever budget you have.

You don’t need to spend a couple of hundred dollars on indicators if you don’t want to. There’s a plethora of choices and prices to suit which is another great reason to choose LED indicators. 

5. Customisation

Customising your motorcycle is probably why you’re here right.. and really there’s not a better way to take the first step in changing your indicators. LED indicators come in all shapes and sizes, lenses and light colours to match your personal style and taste.


So, there you have it! LED indicators are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their motorcycle's lighting system and customise the look of your motorcycle build. 

To recap, here are the five reasons why LED indicators are better than traditional bulb indicators:

1. Brighter and More Visible

2. Durability

3. Energy Efficiency

4. Affordability

5. Customisation

Lanepsplitter Garage stocks a variety of LED Indicators to suit your motorcycle build.

It's important to choose the right indicator for your motorcycle, as they play a crucial role in ensuring your safety on the road. LED indicators offer many advantages over traditional bulbs, but it's important to choose indicators that are compatible with your specific motorcycle model and wiring system, and arguably the most important thing, how they look on your build.

There is way more choice for LED Indicators and, Lanesplitter Garage stocks a range of indicators that can suit a variety of styles of builds whether you’re after the classic cafe racer style or more of a modern scrambler look, we have you covered.

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