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XS650 by Gravel Crew

Benny Yee

Without a doubt Custom Shop Gravel Crew in Japan is one of my favourites. Didn't get a chance to visit these guys but I wish I could have.

Chicken Salad

Benny Yee

Pics by Nathan DiClaudioPreviously I had a post about a custom shop calledthat created an amazing looking . But now they've taken what the previous owner called _"just a f\*&@'n Yamaha"_ which was a half cut 79 XS650 …I really like the lines on this bike, the exhausts run parallel with the tail piece, and the whitespace between the seat and the frame really opens it up to more of a higher riding position than the traditional bobber.

Bits and Bobs Store

Benny Yee

While the Switch has been for sale we've had a few enquires for some of the parts we've used. Have just created a small shelf of small pieces that can help with a tracker build and what we had used.

Some Nice XS650s

Benny Yee

Just digging through my Bike Inspiration folder came across these beauties. The Japanese Shophas a number of nice bikesImage from xs650chopper.

Looking for parts for your cafe racer, scrambler of flat tracker project. Check out our store for a selection of affordable universal parts.

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