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Blossom Done and for Sale

Benny Yee

Took Blossom out for her final ride before she goes up for sale.Blossom has been in the LSG family for almost 3 years.

Project Blossom SR400 Progress

Benny Yee

This project is almost finished and ready to be thumped around town. Am only waiting for the final upholstery on the seat which seems to always take the longest.

Garage Updates

Benny Yee

Tank prepped and ready for paint In between non-bike related work we've managed to keep things ticking over, thanks to bike night our weekly ritual.The progress on the Blossom the SR tracker is coming along nicely with most parts …We also managed to pop out a rather large ding from the Sweet Honda tank by spotting a couple of pieces of my old CD stand, we could probably thank Spotify for that.

Garage Musings

Benny Yee

It's been a busy couple of weeks here finding the time to get a couple of other projects kicked off again. Our 1974 Honda has been stripped back to nothing and ready to be sent off to the blasters and …Also started work on the SR400 modifications, with a frame chop and rear loop installed.

Bits and Bobs Store

Benny Yee

While the Switch has been for sale we've had a few enquires for some of the parts we've used. Have just created a small shelf of small pieces that can help with a tracker build and what we had used.

Looking for parts for your cafe racer, scrambler of flat tracker project. Check out our store for a selection of affordable universal parts.

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