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How to build a motorcycle workbench

Benny Yee

There comes a time in every garage dweller's life that they need to at least build themselves a workbench. After having completed a couple of other woodworking projects I thought it was a good time to use some of the …The build was super basic and took about half a day.

Cover me I''m going In - LSG Cover Some or Coveralls

Benny Yee

We've put down our grinders and size 10 spanners and replaced them with thread and denim. We've let our inner fashion designer out and as a result have ourselves some neat looking garage wear.

Bits and Bobs Store

Benny Yee

While the Switch has been for sale we've had a few enquires for some of the parts we've used. Have just created a small shelf of small pieces that can help with a tracker build and what we had used.

What to get a mad keen motorcyclist for Christmas?

Benny Yee

Stuck for Ideas? Well I've been thinking about things that I would buy myself for christmas and most of these things are motorcycle related.So here are my top 5 motorcycle related gifts for christmas.

Looking for parts for your cafe racer, scrambler of flat tracker project. Check out our store for a selection of affordable universal parts.

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